A New Path Begins

At the end of the road, a new path begins.


Tony C. Franklin

4/9/20241 min read

At The End of the Road, A New Path Begins

Where one road ends, a new path begins. What we choose to do along the way can create nightmares or make dreams come true.

The treasure you seek will not be found at the end of the road, but along the trail you take to find it. The treasure is not money or gold. It's a life well lived. One that is filled with family, friends, and happy memories.

The truth is hidden just underneath our words. We never say to someone going on vacation, "Enjoy your destination." We always say, "Enjoy your trip." Or "Enjoy your vacation." The last two comments imply, "Enjoy your journey."

The end of the road is where we stop doing the things that bring us down. We stop being a drain and become a fountain. We take the narrower, more rugged path and we enjoy this journey called life. We give of ourselves to others and celebrate their victories and our own. We smile, laugh, and celebrate life.

Have a great week,
Tony C. Franklin