Deep Watering

Take a break, your body and mind need a rest.

Tony C. Franklin

4/22/20241 min read

Deep Watering

We always had a big garden and a truck patch when I was growing up. My dad would lay a water hose at the end of a row on the uphill side of the garden and let the water run down the middle. I never thought much about it until I took botany in college.

Didn't the roots need the water? Weren't the roots under the plant on top of the row? The answer to both questions is yes and no. Roots will grow deeper and stronger in their search for water, but the roots have other functions like collecting nutrients from the soil. Too much water can drown the roots and prevent the collection of nutrients. So deep watering close to the roots was an excellent option.

Meanwhile, above the ground, the leaves were using the nutrients the roots collected and mixing them into chlorophyll, which would be used to create fruits and vegetables.

In our modern fast-paced world that is so focused on production, we often forget that we also need a deep watering. We need to feed our souls and keep our hearts healthy so we can produce good fruit from our labors. Ever feel like you're working in circles and never accomplishing anything? Slow down.

God set aside Sunday as a day of rest. But we don't rest anymore. We keep going until our bodies and souls are tired and weak. God created the seasons and gave us spring to prepare, summer to grow, fall to harvest, and winter to rest. Remember to follow the weekly plan and remember why we have the seasons.

Don't be ashamed if you need to take a break and deep water your soul. The roots never stop working when the plant is at rest.

Have a great week,