One door closes, another opens.


Tony C. Franklin

5/13/20241 min read

Monday Motivational


It’s May - the time of year for high and college graduations. I was fortunate to attend a grandson’s high school graduation in Wyandotte, OK, this weekend. There were thirty-nine graduating seniors. I was impressed with how the school leaders took the time to celebrate each student in the class. The ceremony took an hour and a half. I’m not complaining about the time. That ceremony was about those thirty-nine seniors, and they deserved a celebration. On the other hand, my youngest daughter was in a class of over five hundred students. That ceremony lasted a little over three hours. One graduation was a celebration, the other was a diploma handout ceremony. There are a lot of advantages to attending a small school where people care; and where the community cares.

I remember some of my feelings about graduating. “Thank goodness this phase of my life is over.” “No more homework!” or so I thought. “No more teenage drama!” Until I had kids of my own. “I’m now an adult and I can do what I want!” until the bills become past due. But there is an adventure ahead - A new beginning.

There’s an old saying that gets repeated often around graduations. “When one door closes, another one opens.” They are leaving childhood behind and taking that first step into adulthood. There are lots of doors ahead, all waiting to be opened. Some of those doors offer opportunities, some will offer pain and heartbreak.

And just like these new high school graduates, I find I’m still opening new doors. What new doors will you open this year?

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