Introducing Tony C. Franklin

Get to know Tony C. Franklin, a talented poet, short story writer, and author of the captivating novel 'Programmed to Steal'.

Tony C. Franklin

12/17/20231 min read

In this blog post, Tony C. Franklin shares his insights on the art of storytelling, his creative process, and the inspiration behind his debut novel 'Programmed to Steal'. Join us as we dive deep into the world of Tony C. Franklin's imagination.

Programmed to Steal wasn't a completely thought-out concept when I started writing. I did not know where the story was going or how the story would end. A YouTube video of a conversation between Steven King and John Grisham gave me the idea of how to finish the book. King has an idea and starts writing. The story goes where the characters take it. Grisham starts with the final chapter. He writes the ending and then he finds a logical starting point and writes to the end.

I accidentally used a combination of both writer's methods. I started with a vague story in mind and hit a roadblock about halfway through. I wrote what I thought would be the final chapter and wrote to it. I continued writing for three more chapters. I then added three chapters to the beginning. I then spent two more years editing and rewriting until I finally told myself that it was done.

Except, it's not done. I will be writing a short story which fills in the early history and some of the dark life of the villain called Programmed to Lie.