Memorial Day

History of Memorial Day


Tony C. Franklin

5/27/20241 min read

Memorial Day

The American Memorial Day Holiday tradition began as Decoration Day right after the Civil War in 1865. The Civil War claimed more lives than any other historical U.S. conflict and requires the establishment of the first national cemeteries.

Charleston, South Carolina, may have been the original location of the first Decoration Day, but the U.S. government recognizes Waterloo, N.Y. as the location of the original Memorial Day celebration in 1966, because it was a community effort and businesses were closed in recognition.

In 1868, Decoration Day began to be recognized through the leadership of General John A. Logan, the leader of the Northern Civil War Veterans, on May 30. May 30, was chosen because it was not the anniversary of any Civil War battles.
This led many states to recognize the Decoration Day as state holidays.

It took over 100 years for the federal government to recognize Decoration Day as a federal holiday. In 1971, Decoration Day became Memorial Day, and is officially recognized on the last Monday in May.

Thank you, to all veterans who have served in the armed forces of the United States of America, and thank you for the sacrifice you were willing to make for all citizens of this country.

Happy Memorial Day
Tony C. Franklin